Critical Hit # 7.3

From * Critical Hit

Publishing year: 2007

CodeNameGamesCommentsAvg Rating
CH173* 'Bitches' on the Beach00
CH179* Across the Berezina113.125000 3.1
CH177* Akrotiri Gone Awry00
CH170* Bridegrooms of Death00
CH178* Crocodile Hunt121.750000 1.8
CH175* Escape Hatch112.750000 2.8
CH171* Internacionale Follies00
CH174* Settling an Old Score103.750000 3.8
CH180* The Ruins of Sillegny104.000000 4.0
CH181* Thunder at Seelow00
CH176* Touchdown!222.375000 2.4
CH172* Winter Blues112.750000 2.8