Friendly Fire Pack 4

From * Friendly Fire

Publishing year: 2008

CodeNameGamesCommentsAvg Rating
FrF26* A Polish Requiem623.250000 3.3
FrF30* Bidermann's Escape322.750000 2.8
FrF27* Cocktails for Molotov203.250000 3.3
FrF28* Luftlandekommando Hedderich103.500000 3.5
FrF31* Pursuing Frank202.625000 2.6
FrF29* Sting of the Italian Hornet313.000000 3.0
FrF32* The Hellenic Expedition00
FrF34* The Jagdtiger Theory00
FrF33* Under the Northern Light213.625000 3.6
FrF25* Yasuoka's Tank Experience103.500000 3.5