Operation Compass & Wavell's 30,000

From * Critical Hit

Publishing year: 1998

CodeNameGamesCommentsAvg Rating
CH121* A Test of Nerves00
CH125* Down the Throat00
CH119* Fortress at Bardia I00
CH122* Fortress at Bardia II00
CH109* Frontier Raid00
CH112* Frontier Raid II00
CH113* Graziani's Advance00
CH126* Metal at Mechili00
CH116* Pride Before Fall00
CH118* Sidi Omar00
CH120* Small Encounters00
CH127* Stand at Derna00
CH110* Starlight, Starbright101.000000 1.0
CH114* Surprise at Nibeiwa00
CH123* The Bardia Waterworks00
CH111* The Battle of Ghirba00
BedaFomm3* The Death of an Army00
BedaFomm1* The End of the Line00
CH117* The Fall of Sidi Barrani00
CH124* The Fall of Tobruk00
BedaFomm2* The Trap Congeals00
CH115* Tummar West00