Out of the Bunker

From * MMP

Publishing year: 2010

CodeNameGamesCommentsAvg Rating
OB13* A Hotly Contested Crossroads413.107143 3.1
OB11* Avril Action743.075000 3.1
OB12* Block at Ville-Sur-Illon203.375000 3.4
OB3* Brasche Encounter312.833333 2.8
OB5* Clearing Kamienka213.562500 3.6
OB7* Crisis at Kasserine333.958333 4.0
OB6* First Clash in Tunisia323.650000 3.7
OB9* First Crack at Hellzapoppin' Ridge432.968750 3.0
OB4* Headhunting for Bloody Huns00
OB2* Point 247102.625000 2.6
OB14* Pursuing Kobayashi503.187500 3.2
OB1* Riding the Coattails933.319444 3.3
OB10* The Men From Zadig00
OB8* Unhappy Trails203.562500 3.6