BFP4: Crucible of Steel

From * Bounding Fire

Publishing year: 2011

CodeNameGamesCommentsAvg Rating
BFP79* A Hard Push00
BFP77* Burning Down the House00
BFP85* Churchills at Kursk00
BFP74* Coiled to Strike00
BFP91* Death Roamed Freely104.250000 4.3
BFP90* Early Morning Action103.125000 3.1
BFP104* Flying Turrets00
BFP87* Fork in the Road00
BFP96* Hotly Contested Town203.687500 3.7
BFP81* Iron Coffins00
BFP99* Ivanovskii103.000000 3.0
BFP93* Klein Stalingrad104.125000 4.1
BFP103* Knife in the Flank204.062500 4.1
BFP84* Kreida Station103.250000 3.3
BFP95* Obian Highway403.416667 3.4
BFP78* Operation Wheatfield00
BFP86* Panzer Regiment Rothenburg00
BFP101* Panzer Spirit402.781250 2.8
BFP98* Place of Honor00
BFP73* Preliminary Move102.875000 2.9
BFP80* Ratushniak's Sacrifice00
BFP89* Relentless Pressure00
BFP97* Renewed Pressure103.500000 3.5
BFP75* Schreiber's Success102.500000 2.5
BFP82* Steamroller00
BFP88* The Bunkered Village00
BFP83* The Second Belt00
BFP100* Tiger Vanguard00
BFP94* To the Last Shell00
BFP102* Tolstoy Woods203.500000 3.5
BFP92* Trenches in Flames00
BFP76* Trial of the Infantry103.500000 3.5