Best of Friends

From * MMP

Publishing year: 2013

CodeNameGamesCommentsAvg Rating
BoF2* A Polish Requiem623.250000 3.3
BoF4* About His Shadowy Sides402.750000 2.8
BoF5* Adolf's Amateurs503.527778 3.5
BoF6* Cavalry Brigade Model513.031250 3.0
BoF12* Forging Spetsnaz513.700000 3.7
BoF9* Pursuing Frank202.625000 2.6
BoF11* Second Thoughts103.500000 3.5
BoF8* Sting of the Italian Hornet313.000000 3.0
BoF3* The Abbeville Bridgehead403.000000 3.0
BoF7* The Fields of Black Gold523.888889 3.9
BoF1* The Marco Polo Bridge Incident953.703125 3.7
BoF10* To Have and To Hold00