Rout Pak II

From * Critical Hit

Publishing year: 1996

CodeNameGamesCommentsAvg Rating
RPII-5* Brandenburger Bridge413.583333 3.6
RPII-6* Cushman's Pocket00
RPII-3* Distinguished Service402.850000 2.9
RPII-9* He Who Hesitates313.208333 3.2
RPII-7* In the Samurai Tradition102.250000 2.3
RPII-8* Riding Shotgun223.937500 3.9
RPII-2* The Debt Repaid212.625000 2.6
RPII-10* The King's Dash112.125000 2.1
RPII-4* The Knife Edge of Defeat00
RPII-1* The Noose00