Transylvanian Imbroglio

Change made Editor Change Made
2009-05-03 20:51:19Lauri MattilaAdded March Madness '98 Scenario Pack to the publication history with code MM 98 F
2009-05-03 20:51:25Lauri MattilaChanged location to ROMANIA
2009-05-03 20:51:29Lauri MattilaChanged initiative to ROMANIAN
2009-05-03 20:51:34Lauri MattilaChanged game turns to 7.0
2009-05-03 20:51:40Lauri MattilaChanged date to Oct 11, 1944
2009-05-03 20:51:46Lauri MattilaAdded 16 to the maps
2009-05-03 20:51:47Lauri MattilaAdded 17 to the maps
2009-05-03 20:52:10Lauri MattilaAdded A1 Personnel Counters to the rules
2009-05-03 20:52:17Lauri MattilaAdded C1 Offboard Artillery to the rules
2009-05-03 20:52:22Lauri MattilaAdded D1 Vehicle Counters to the rules
2009-05-03 20:52:23Lauri MattilaAdded C2 Guns to the rules