Melee Near the Coast

Change made Editor Change Made
2010-06-06 19:40:48Lauri MattilaCreated the scenario
2010-06-06 19:40:53Lauri MattilaAdded Chinese infantry to CHINESE counter set
2010-06-06 19:40:58Lauri MattilaAdded Japanese infantry to JAPANESE counter set
2010-06-06 19:41:08Lauri MattilaChanged date to Aug 25, 1937
2010-06-06 19:41:13Lauri MattilaChanged location to CHINA
2010-06-06 19:41:17Lauri MattilaChanged initiative to JAPANESE
2010-06-06 19:41:21Lauri MattilaChanged game turns to 7.0
2010-06-06 19:41:25Lauri MattilaAdded A1 Personnel Counters to the rules
2010-06-06 19:41:29Lauri MattilaAdded G.1 PTO Terrain to the rules
2010-06-06 19:41:57Lauri MattilaAdded 32 to the maps
2010-06-06 19:42:01Lauri MattilaAdded 47 to the maps